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Experience a new level of cruise entertainment onboard the MV Mega Explorer.

Thanks to a constant supply of sunshine and the sea around the tropical island of Singapore, boat parties have become incredibly popular in Singapore, offering both a refreshing alternative to seminar rooms, ballrooms or garden setting. More importantly, the leisurely atmosphere onboard a cruise boat provides for a unique experience for both guests and hosts.

Product launches, department retreats, off-site training sessions, celebratory events, social gatherings, the list goes on. Boasting 20 guest rooms with ensuite bathroom, overnight events for a large group of guests is practical and convenient. Her fully equipped kitchen can cater to a variety of culinary events or provide support to external F&B catering.

At Berth

Yacht parties in Singapore!

With a huge number of boats, yachts, marinas and charter companies to choose from, it is also extremely easy to organize a charter for an event. However if the requirements are for a boat with ample space for numerous guests to mingle about or for the host to create various entertainment spots onboard a single boat, then only one vessel can fulfill such needs, the MV Mega Explorer.

Whether it is a sunset cocktail jazz party for 40 guests on the roof top Jacuzzi deck or a casual break-out session over whiskey and cigars at the audio-visual entertainment lounge, there are no limits to the extent of what one can organise onboard the MV Mega Explorer.

Private Cruise Charter Onboard Mega Explorer

"Spanning 12 meters wide, the sheer size of her dining deck will lend any event an air of welcome and grandiose. Connected by two stair columns, her interior spaces span five decks providing variety of locations for different functions."

Private Charter FAQs

What is the maximum number of guests for berth charter?
For Berth Charter without sailing, the maximum permitted number of guest is - 60.
What is the maximum number of guests for cruise charter?
For Cruise Charter, the maximum permitted number of guest is - 40. Guest will be required to bring along their passport.
What's the rate for berth charter?
We can cater for 4-hours block charter from 19:00 to 23:00 with price starting from SGD$4,000. Overnight Charter can also be arranged, from 19:00 to the next morning 08:00. Price is from SGD$6,800
What's the rate for cruise charter?
For Day Cruise, we can arrange for an 8-hours block from morning 10:00 to 16:00. Price starts from SGD$8,000. Alternatively, an overnight cruise with a longer 12-hours block can also be arranged. The proposed timing is from 18:00 to the next morning at 08:00. Price starts from SGD$12,000.

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