What is a liveaboard cruise?
Liveaboards provide facilities and living accommodations for scuba divers. You eat, sleep and dive on the boat! They stay at sea for the duration of a cruise and so can explore more remote dive sites. This type of diving opens up a whole world of top class opportunities that would simply not be available on a regular day trip boat.
I’m travelling alone – can I still go?
Sure you can! It’s a great way to meet new divers and chances are that you will make friends for life. You either pay for a single supplement fee or pair you up with a roommate. Females and males will never be paired together without prior notification.
Dive Certification?
You must bring proof of your current certification for presentation before departure.
Do I get a dive guide?
Yes. All our liveaboard trips are inclusive of dive guides holding professional diving certifications. We never dive in groups of more than 4 guests.
What does the fare include and exclude?
The fare is inclusive of: - Twin accommodation in Deluxe or Superior (bunk) ensuite cabins. - Full-board meals, snacks and all non-alcoholic beverages. - The use of all on-board entertainment, leisure and scuba diving facilities. The fare does not include: - Port fees, marine park fees and diving permits. - Personal diving equipment. - Alcohol beverages, gratuities and any other Guest Services that are listed as additional costs.
What is the type food served onboard MV Mega Explorer?
MV Mega Explorer offers international buffet for her meals. Standard full-board meals will include light morning snack, full breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. Meal times are scheduled to cater to the needs of the dive operations and typically will take place during surface intervals or as required by our onboard dive leaders and instructors. While Mega Explorer is able to cater for special request such as vegetarian, non-pork and/or non-beef, her kitchen will not be able to prepare for dietary, religious and/or allergen-free meals such as gluten-free, diabetic, low salt, low lactose etc. * The kitchen does not use pork and/or pork-based oil in its food preparation.
What kind of entertainment does MV Mega Explorer have onboard?
We encourage divers to take the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying their journey onboard Mega Explorer. Numerous features and venues have been created to make socializing more conducive such as: Outdoor dining veranda with arm chairs, Sundeck sofa, loungers and Jacuzzi, Indoor Audio-Visual (AV) lounge with connectivity to personal devices, Wi-Fi connected audio player, and Popular magazines and fish guides.
What kind of diving services does MV Mega Explorer provide?
MV Mega Explorer is the first LOB to synergise with our business partners and leverage on the experiences and knowledge of the dive shops and instructors. All in-water diving program and services will be provided by the staff of the dive shops and dive instructors (Dive Partners). With the autonomy and the discretion to decide in all matters related to diving, our Dive Partners will assess, devise and conduct the dive plans for each day, ensuring maximum positive experience and compliance with established dive safety protocols such as the maximum operating depth, bottom time, buddy system and no-deco diving etc. - All dive plans will also be finalized in consultation with the Captain for insights and opinions regarding weather and sea conditions, launch and recovery procedures as well as other necessary contingencies. As most of our Dive Partners are also full-service dive shops, they will be able to provide any dive customer who may need the services of scuba equipment rental. Mega Explorer does stock a limited inventory of “save-a-dive” kits such as O-rings, low-pressure hoses and hand tools. During dive operations, Mega Explorer operates as a mother-vessel, deploying up to 3 cat-hull tenders to ferry divers to their pre-determined dive sites. Each tender is operated by 2 boat crew, twin shaft inboard motors, radio communication link to other tenders and mother-vessel, first-aid and fire fighting equipment, search lights and navigation lightings for night operations and can carry a maximum of 18 divers.
Mega Explorer have any contingency plans for emergencies?
MV Mega Explorer has a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in place for her Captain and Crew in the event of emergencies caused by any life threatening health conditions that may put the person in danger of death or cause the person to be unfit for sailing and diving such as: Unconscious, No breathing or difficulty in breathing, No pulse, Heart attack, Persistent nausea or vomiting, Traumatic injuries, Severed limbs. The SOPs for any of the above emergencies includes: Medical disembarkation of guest while underway, Disembarkation requiring route disruption, Termination of the journey and return to port. In the event of a medical emergency during passage where the dive plans may be partially or completely disrupted such as the Vessel being diverted to a nearby port or hospital; or a delay in time causing the entire journey to have exceeded its duration, the dive trip will be abandoned and no refund or compensation will be given to all customers.

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