Liveaboard to Kuantan Wreck & Tioman Island

The Perfect Wreck for Advanced Diving!

Kuantan & Varella Wreck

Nichi Asu Maru or Kuantan Wreck

AJapanese coastal tanker carrying crude oil which sunk in the 1960’s. Situated in the South China Sea about 32 km off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia and 12 nautical miles from Kuantan it is 80m long and 10m wide.  It is covered in coral and encrusting sponge.

The wreck lies on its port side, with the hull about 12m deep from the surface. The deepest part of the wreck is located at around 24m on a sandy bottom.

Gyoshin Maru or Varella Wreck

Resting in generally 20 meters of water in two main sections, both with an east-west orientation. The forward part rests between Pulau Berhala and the rock she hit, while the stern section which is badly broken up is located east of the rock. The rock is known as Varella Rock.

Her bow rests on an even keel, around 11 metres in height from the sea bed. Her stern is in a few pieces; the most prominent being the two AA-gun emplacements which sit in an upright position, making it an excellent photography subject.

5D4N Kuantan Wreck & Tioman Island Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Meet at Punggol Marina Country Club @ 18:30hrs
  • Departure with dinner served on board
  • Sail overnight to Pulau Tioman (sailing time between 10 – 12 hours)

Day 2 & 3:

  • 4 Dives per day at Tioman Island
  • Sites includes: Pulau Jahat / Renggis Island / Chebeh / Tiger Reef / Pulau Labas

Day 4:

  • 4 Dives, sites includes: Kuantan Wreck “Nichi Asu Maru” / Varella Wreck “Gyoshin Maru” / Jubilee Shoal

Day 5:

  • Morning Dive at Bahara Rock
  • Departure from Tioman for Singapore
  • Estimated arrival time to Marina Country Club –  2200hrs

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